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Cutting Edge Technology for Better Disinfecting Services

Cutting edge technology for better disinfecting services

Sanus Solutions LLC is known in the greater Dallas area for its pressure washing services, and they also offer top-notch interior disinfection services. When it comes time to disinfect your school, office, or other building, you can count on us for a thorough cleaning that includes cutting-edge technology like electrostatic spraying. We clean from highly touched surfaces like desks and doorknobs to floors and restrooms.

What is Electrostatic Spraying

You may have seen these sprayers used in construction for painting surfaces like cabinets. The sprayer is used to coat the exterior of something completely, even in small nooks. While we perform our school & office disinfection, we use the sprayer to coat all surfaces with a disinfectant/virucide. The sprayer provides an electric charge to the liquid to ensure the molecules of the disinfectant cover every surface being sprayed. It essentially makes the disinfectant cling to the entire surface of a desk or chair, for example, so the whole thing is sanitized. And, it stays in place until it dries, leaving a protective layer to keep away germs for several days.

How is Electrostatic Spraying Different than Traditional Methods

The idea of the electrically charged sprayer covering every surface and staying there while thoroughly disinfecting that surface is what makes it a better way to ensure surfaces are left germ-free. When cleaning with a traditional method like wiping down a surface or using a mop, spots can be easily missed. Often, the disinfectant is wiped back over before it has time to do its job. A disinfectant must remain on a surface for a length of time to kill all the viruses and germs. Electrostatic spraying ensures all surfaces are covered and that the disinfectant has time to do its job. This will give you peace of mind that you're making the interior of your space as safe as possible for your guests, employees, students, and other visitors.

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