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Sanus Solutions LLC Is Allen's #1 Pressure Washing Service

Commercial pressure washing

Locally owned and operated for the past 15 years, Allen residents know they can trust Sanus Solutions LLC for pressure washing and more. We have a full line of exterior restoration and interior disinfection services. Our technicians are experienced, and our customer service is top-notch. Dedicated to results, we will save you time and money.

Our technicians perform gutter cleaning, house washing, roof cleaning, and even commercial pressure washing. There is no job in Allen we can't tackle as we carry the best tools and equipment and use the most advanced cleaning technology.

Top-Notch House Washing in Allen

When it's time to boost your curb appeal, house washing is a great place to start. Watch a year's worth of dirt and contaminants be sprayed away. To protect your siding and conserve water, we use a soft wash method for house washing. A cleaning solution that is safe for kids and pets is applied to your home, and then a low-pressure stream of water is sprayed to remove the soap and dirt.

Not only will house washing improve your home's appearance it will also maintain your siding so that you don't have to make expensive repairs to it. Removing contaminants that break down your siding is good for your health too. The mold and mildew that have been growing are harmful to your allergies. Sanus Solutions LLC is ready for any pressure washing project in Allen; contact us today.

Quality Disinfection Services in Allen

If you have an emergency and need a thorough cleaning, or you're just being diligent and cleaning your school or office regularly, we offer the best disinfection services in Allen. Our technicians use an electrostatic sprayer to coat all highly-touched surfaces with a disinfectant/virucide that kills most cold and flu viruses, including Coronavirus. The cleaner is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and food-safe. You'll rest easy knowing you're protecting your students, employees, or customers. Our goal with disinfection services is to create a clean, safe environment for all. Regular cleaning slows down the spread of illness.

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