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Dallas Electrostatic Spraying For Total Coverage & Cleaning

Electrostatic spraying

For the most complete sanitization of your office, school, home, or other building in Dallas, electrostatic spraying is the best option for eliminating germs and viruses like Coronavirus. Disinfection services offered by Sanus Solutions LLC include electrostatic spraying. We are a trusted source for pressure washing in the Dallas area and provide this cutting-edge cleaning technology.

What is Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying uses a sprayer to apply a liquid disinfectant over a surface to remove germs, viruses, dirt, and more. The sprayer provides an electric charge to the liquid to ensure the molecules of the disinfectant cover and cling to every surface being sprayed. Viruses like the Coronavirus can live on surfaces for several days, so you want to make sure that the disinfection method you choose is thorough and powerful. Electrostatic spraying for schools and office disinfection is ideal because it is easy to apply, reaches hard to access places, and covers each surface with the disinfectant removing all germs.

Wiping down surfaces can leave some germs behind, while electrostatic spraying has tremendous results in eliminating viruses from surfaces. For the maximum amount of germs to be cleaned, the entire surface needs to be covered, and the disinfectant must be kept on the surface for the amount of time recommended to sanitize the surface. If you wipe a surface, you are often missing spots on it and drying the cleaning solution before it has time to penetrate all the germs and clean the surface.

The disinfectant/virucide we use is EPA registered, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and food safe. It kills the cold and flu virus, as well as the Coronavirus, and more. You can rest easy knowing you've selected the most advanced cleaning service that is proven to power away germs and keep your interior spaces healthy and clean. You can trust us for all your disinfection services, as well as pressure washing.

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